X Haze Sensi Seeds

X Haze Sensi Seeds

x haze sensi seedsHaze is the much celebrated Sativa strain seeds from the Caribbean known to many as the Reggae marijuana.
Known for its inspirational soaring highs, Haze marijuana has been considered a stable of the Rastafarian movement.

Out of the  select gardens of  Sensi Seeds to your grow room, X Haze is a superb, feminised Haze strain with all the qualities you’d want from the much celebrated Caribbean Sativa.

X Haze grows vigorously and  fills out well.

By the end of flowering ong, crystalline buds obscure the upper 50% of their stems and main branches.

The Indica influence is there, giving extra density and a rich citrus flavour to the buds of X-Haze.

The Indica influence transforms this strain of Haze into a perfect choice for indoor growing because it allows a much heavier harvests in a smaller space and shorter time.

X Haze feminised seeds are a real winner for people who appreciate Reggae, the Caribbean, and all it has to offer in terms of smoking highs.

X Haze feminized seeds

3 seeds €27.00
5 seeds €41.01
10 seeds €77.00

x haze feminized seeds



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Legal Notice

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